About Home Mold Laboratory

The Industry Leader in Fungi Identification

Home Mold Laboratory specializes in Mould Identification and Mould Testing for the private homeowner and the industry professional. We provide accurate, timely, and legally defensible data. We maintain the highest level of customer service and technical support to our customers.

Our Mould Testing Kits are used by building managers, home inspectors, management companies, law offices, consultants and homeowners — whenever and wherever accuracy and reliability are of concern. Our clients include industrial hygienists, laboratories, state and local public health departments, hospitals, and IAQ professionals.

A Full–Service Indoor Air Quality Laboratory

We offer FREE telephone consultations through our network of Certified Mould Inspectors and Certified Mould Remediation Contractors. These highly trained individuals are available to assist you in all aspects of the problem from interpreting your laboratory results, diagnosing the source of your problem, to developing a cost effective remediation strategy.

Our focus is on delivering the highest level of services and products for our clients with rapid turnaround times and affordable prices. When the quality and accuracy of your data is critical, rely on Home Mold Laboratory, the quality leader.

An Independent Analytical Laboratory

At Home Mold Laboratory, we use only the most advanced analytical testing procedures. Accredited and proficiency-tested by the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Home Mold Laboratory has implemented a stringent Quality Assurance Program to assure the highest level of accuracy of results. This program governs all aspects of our laboratory services. We do not outsource which allows us to stand behind our results.

Credentials and Experience Make a Difference

Home Mold Laboratory is staffed with some of the world’s most experienced PhD Microbiologists and Mycologists. Trained at the prestigious McCrone Research Institute, these outstanding professionals are knowledgeable in mycology, microscopy, and building science.

Our Director has over 20 years experience in bioaerosol analysis making us a leader among the nation’s indoor air quality laboratories. All fungal analysis is performed at Home Mold Laboratory’s AIHA-accredited proficiency-tested laboratory by certified spore analysts. Our reference library contains hundreds of volumes covering mycology, bacteriology, aerobiology, immunology, and indoor air quality as it relates to bioaerosols.

We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service, quality, and support.