Best Price Guarantee

When it comes to quality and service, we do it better for less. I guarantee it.

~ Seth Norman, CEO Home Mold Laboratory
Guaranteed Best Price on DIY Home Mould Test Kits!

When you order from us, you will never overpay!

We work hard to provide the best service and prices in the industry. But instead of giving you empty promises, we offer you a formal best price guarantee.

We dare you to find a better offer — we’ll beat it by 10% of the difference!

If you find a better price somewhere else, but would like to order from us, include the description of that offer in your order comments and we will lower your total price to beat that offer by 10% of the difference.

Also, to show you just how confident we are in our prices, we offer you a full month to find a better price, even after you have ordered from us. In other words, if you order today and stumble across a better deal 3 weeks from now, we will refund you the difference plus 10%. When ordering from us, you will never pay more!

One note: some merchants try to show an extremely low item price, but then add hidden charges like an “ordering fee,” or an outrageous shipping fee, or have high minimum order requirements.

We run an honest business, so we don’t charge any hidden fees and we don’t impose minimum orders. Because of that, we compare the total price that it takes to deliver an item to your door, not just the sticker price.