Air Check Professional Mould Test Kit

Air Check Professional Mold Test


This Mould Testing Kit quickly and accurately identifies over 20 types of mould spores, pollen and dust in the air you breathe. This is the same equipment and testing method used to test air quality in the field by professional Certified Industrial Hygienists and Certified Mould Inspectors.

Kit Includes:

  • Air Check Pump Rental (10 days)
  • 2 Free Test Cassettes*
  • LABORATORY FEES for complete analysis of Non-Toxic and Toxic Mould.
  • Toll free telephone consultation and interpretation of your results.
  • Detailed reports are delivered via email, facsimile, or Canada Post.

*Additional cassettes are available below.

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It’s easy to save time and money by doing the test yourself!

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to use the Air Check Mould Test Kit!

How many test cassettes should you order?

You should order one cassette for each floor of your home or office, and an additional cassette for the outside control sample.

If your home or office is large, you may wish to order one cassette for every 1,000 square feet.

If you have an area of special concern (i.e. an area with water damage, musty smell or mould growth) we recommend that you perform a test in that area as well as a test in an unaffected portion of the house or office.

Example: Two story 3000 square foot home with a basement and a bad smell coming from the hall bathroom. Take one test in the hall bathroom, one test somewhere else on the first floor, one test upstairs, one test in the basement, and one outside (take the outside test at least ten feet from the house).

When should you use the Air Check Mould Test Kit?

To help you decide which test kit to use, we have advice, tips, explanations, videos, and more on our Choosing The Right Mould Test Kit page.

Need a copy of the Instruction Manual?

A copy of the Air Check Professional Mould Test instruction manual is included with the kit, but you can also print or download a PDF copy below: