How to Use the Air Check Mould Test

Anyone can use the Air Check Home Mould Test Kit!

To perform an air quality test:

  1. Insert a mould testing cassette onto the Air Check pump and place the pump in the room to be tested
  2. Push the start button
  3. The pump will operate for five (5) minutes and will then turn itself off.
  4. Remove the cassette
  5. This test should be repeated for each room of your home that you wish to test
  6. Return the Air Check pump with the used cassettes to Home Mold Laboratory


When you return your cassette(s), we will analyze it in our state-of-the-art laboratory to identify the types of mould present and will present you with a detailed report including a count of the mould spores per cubic meter of air. When you receive your results, call us for a phone consultation to determine a course of action.

This cost-effective option provides an accurate and reliable laboratory analysis, and is available for only $249.00 including pump rental and two cassettes. Additional cassettes are available for $75.00 ea. Complete details on how to use the Air Check Kit and obtain an analysis will also be included with purchase.

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